Mom says school put trash bag on her special needs son

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A Chicago mother was shocked when she stopped by her 5-year-old son’s school and found him wearing a garbage bag.

Nyesha Terry told WGN News she wants answers. Her son, Lloyd, is non-verbal and has epilepsy. When she visited the kindergarten classroom, a trash bag was placed on Lloyd like a poncho by his teacher, and he was sitting alone, secluded from the rest of the class.

The D.S. Wentworth Elementary teacher told Terry it was to keep his shirt from getting wet, as he drools and saliva often gets on his shirt.

The concerned mom noted the class is equipped with bibs and a change of clothes for Lloyd, so she doesn’t understand the use of a garbage bag.

“He is the only child that was isolated,” the heartbroken mother told WGN.

Terry returned to the school one day after finding the bag on her son and found that the same teacher had done it again, calling the situation dangerous and disrespectful.

The concerned mother placed complaints with the school’s principal as well as with Child Protective Services.