103-year-old woman says pastor who banned her from church has been voted out

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The 103-year-old woman who was recently banned from her lifelong Georgia church says the pastor who kicked her out has been voted out by church members.

Biggs attended Union Grove Baptist Church in Elberton from the time she was 11 years old until the church’s pastor, Rev. Tim Mattox, put an end to her membership in August.

Biggs did not agree with Mattox’s preaching style, which has had them at odds since he joined the church six years ago. She claims Mattox alienated other church members and made them leave too. However, he continued to invite new members who liked him.

Genora Biggs told 11Alive that 50 members, who no longer attend mass regularly, returned September 20 and voted to have Mattox removed and to replace him with a 90-day interim pastor.

Biggs’ grandson, Elliot Dye, told the station that he feels the churchgoers’ votes will override the 11 signatures on the letter send to his grandmother voting her out.

The support Biggs has received from around the nation really means a lot to her. “I have been getting calls — every day, yeah,” she told 11Alive. “It makes me feel good.”

It is still unclear what will happen this Sunday. Mattox still considers himself pastor, and the interim pastor will also attend. Regardless, Biggs plans to go to church just as she has for the past 92 years.