Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen go makeup-free on 'FABLife'

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Tyra Banks has already shown off her makeup-free natural look online on Instagram, but on Monday, she took that look one step further.

During an appearance on FABLife, Banks, as well as her co-hosts Chrissy Teigen, Lauren Makk and Leah Ashley flaunted their natural beauty, reports E! News.

“Over the summer, I posted this picture of myself with no makeup on Instagram,” she said. “I was just having soup one morning, and I wrote a whole thing on what is real and it went super viral in 24 hours.”

“I was like, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I just woke up and took one picture or maybe a lot of pictures.”

So FABLife decided to go makeup-free again for their “Nude Show.”

“I’ve perfected the no-makeup, made-up look,” Banks said during the show. “It starts with a bare face.”

Throughout the segment, Banks leads the women through a basic “no makeup look” tutorial.

Check out the video of the all natural ladies above!