A week before Bill Cosby‘s scheduled to give a deposition on another sexual assault case, three more women have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

During a press conference, Sharon Van Ert, Pamela Abeyta and Lisa Christie gave their emotional accounts of what had happened to them decades ago. Although the statute of limitations prevents them from legal action, they all said that they wanted their stories to be told and their voices to be heard.

Dozens of women have come forward, saying the 78-year-old comedian and actor sexually assaulted them. In multiple cases, victims accused Cosby of drugging and raping them.

According to NBC News:

Van Ert said she met Cosby when she was a waitress at a Southern California beachside jazz club in 1976. She said Cosby offered to walk her to her car one night and got in with her. She said she blacked out, woke up later alone and suspected Cosby of drugging and assaulting her.

Abeyta said that in 1975, when she was 25 and aspiring to appear in Playboy magazine, she arranged to meet Cosby and was taken to a Las Vegas hotel and given her own bedroom in his penthouse suite. She said she believes her drink was drugged when she attended a show with Cosby and his friends. She awoke later in the comedian’s bed.

Christie said she met Cosby when she was a model and aspiring actress aged 18, and he cast her as an extra on “The Cosby Show.” She said she viewed him as a father figure and maintained a platonic relationship with him for two years, but then he attempted to coerce her into sleeping with him.