103-year-old woman is welcomed back to church, pastor quits

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Genora Hamm Biggs wasn’t going to let anything stop her from going to church, not even after the preacher of her congregation banned her.

The Georgia woman made headlines when she revealed that she had been banned from Union Grove Baptist Church, but now, she is officially allowed back to church, and it is her pastor who is no longer welcome.

Last month, after the ban made headlines, Biggs announced her intention to keep attending the church, and police were called to make sure that things remained civil. Rev. Tim Mattox, the pastor of six years who banned Biggs in the first place, said that he began receiving death threats after Biggs’ story went viral, and he has also announced his intention to leave the church with a few other members to start their own church.

Mattox and those members will be calling their new church New Bethel, and they have made it clear to Biggs that she is not welcome in their ranks.

Biggs’ attorney Ken Dious said his client was “elated” to be returning to the church she loves.

“This is the only church she’s ever known,” he said. “It was her grandfather who started that church.”