New Yorker earns up to $1,000 a week waiting on lines for other people

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The Same Ole Line Dudes know it’s awful to stand in line for hours, even if you’re excited about the new release of a book, movie, concert tickets or whatever else the line is for. That’s why Robert Samuel began his business, in which you can get someone to wait in line for you.

Samuel calls his business the “Uber for line waiting” and has personally waited in line for everything from Kanye West tickets to iPhone launches. He was even once hired to wait for 48 hours in a line for the iPhone 6s launch.

Samuel’s rates reflect the pain of waiting in line, and he charges $25 for the first hour, plus $10 for every half-hour after that, sometimes banking up to $1,000 a week.

After all, Samuel will stand in line through rain or shine, all while you sit at home and catch up on Netflix!