Taye Diggs writes second children's book for his biracial son, 'Mixed Me!'

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Taye Diggs absolutely adores his 6-year-old son and wants the world for him. So, in a society in which it is sometimes hard to talk about race, Diggs decided he wanted to write a book called Mixed Me!

The book, he explained on the Today Show, was “inspired” by his son, who is of mixed race. His mother is actress and singer Indina Menzel.

“His mom’s is vanilla, and I’m dark chocolate,” Diggs said on the show Monday morning. “I just wanted to write a little something that touched on their experiences.”

He went on to say that, although he himself is not of mixed race, his cousin is, and he has seen how that can sometimes be a struggle in terms of coming to understand identity. “People weren’t as comfortable with who they were [when he was growing up] and standing up for where they came from,” he said of his cousin’s experience growing up.

Diggs also talked about reading the book with his son, which he said is time enjoyed by both of them. “Then he tells me which pages to repeat!” he said.

In the interview, Diggs also talked about wearing his love for his son on his arm, including in various tattoos for his son, Walker.