Grace Jones thinks that Kanye West has been stealing from her and her longtime photographer friend Jean-Paul Goude as he aims to create “unique” images.

In particular, Jones pointed out the image of Kim Kardashian with Paper magazine that was aimed to “break the internet,” saying that the image was not original.

“Kanye has been ripping off stuff from me and Jean-Paul Goude for a long time, so it was no surprise to me,” Jones said. “I believe they would’ve done it anyway, and I believe Jean-Paul when he said he’d rather rip himself off than have someone else rip him off.”

She also talked about the picture, which featured Carolina Beaumont, that was the basis for the champagne-popping Kardashian picture and how she believes many have misunderstood its intentions.

“The work [Jean-Paul and I] did together, people were calling it racist,” Jones said. “It wasn’t racist at all. It was him basically putting me on a pedestal, really.”

“There’s a lot of humor in that picture in that original, (with) the champagne popping off,” she added.