Amy Schumer getting ready to host Saturday Night Live when she got a text from Kevin Hart wishing her luck. Schumer posted the text on Twitter and jokingly called it a “hostile text,” but that little joke generated massive backlash online.

Here is the text Schumer received from Hart: “Hey I know your hosting SNL tonight….If you get nervous during your monologue just tell the audience that you know me. I promise it will help. Or you can FaceTime me but I probably wouldn’t be able to pick up because I’m busy doing stuff. Just spit balling here…I’m trying to help…you know what f*** it…you will be fine….I hope….God Bless….K Hart Out.”

When Schumer said that she would be tweeting out the “hostile message,” Hart replied, “I’m just trying to F*****G BE SUPPORTIVE….wait who is this?….is this Miley Cyrus?….Wait this is the wrong host….this message was for Miley.”

Of course, it looks like the whole thing was all in good fun, and after rumors began to spread of the two comedians’ impending fight and the Internet started to call both of them out, Schumer was quick to squash the drama. “Hey click bait Kevin’s text was funny,” she tweeted. “He was messing with me. We are friends. Boooo.”