Master P wants folks to know he was there for Lamar Odom before his hospitalization.

“I was like a mentor to him,” the rapper told TMZ Sports this week. “Just sad to see what’s going on, man.”

Percy didn’t stop there. He then aimed a few shots at Kobe Bryant, the Lakers superstar and former teammate of Odom.

Bryant left a Lakers preseason game early to visit Odom in the hospital the day everything went down.

But P isn’t buying it.

“So many phony and fake people out here now,” he said. “It goes to show when something happens to you, everybody’s his friend, everybody loves him. But is that truth? I don’t think so man.”

A 2011 trade Odom to the Dallas Mavericks after seven season with the Lakers.┬áMaster P says Kobe should have used his influence to get Odom back on the Lakers – a team he didn’t want to leave.

“If Kobe was his friend…Kobe, like, owns the team,” he said. “[Kobe] could’ve got the man back on the team … that’s all he wanted.”

Translated, Master P says Kobe wasn’t with Lamar shooting in the gym. Or was he?

We’re confused.