Pittsburgh Steeler DeAngelo Williams announced he will purchase mammograms for women in need at hospitals in Charlotte, NC and Pittsburgh, PA.

According to ESPN, the announcement was made by the running back on behalf of his DeAngelo Williams Foundation, who have been huge supporters of breast cancer awareness. The number of mammogram tests he is giving, 53, is a tribute to his own mother, who died of the disease at age 53. Williams also lost four aunts to breast cancer.

The NFL star noted that many health insurance plans will cover the cost of mammograms, but for women who do not have health insurance, the cost is about $190.

Furthermore, Williams has been a vocal supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and has continued to try to convince the NFL to let its players wear pink every month — not just during October — in order to raise awareness. Thus far he has been unsuccessful in changing the league’s minds.

“There is a long-standing policy for all players regarding uniforms that is league-wide for all 32 teams. The league works with the clubs and players to raise awareness collectively for breast cancer during the month of October,” the NFL said in a statement.

Recently, however, Williams found a way to circumvent the rule against pink accessories by dyeing his hair pink.

“The hair, it’s part of the uniform from the standpoint of being tackled, but it’s not specific on what color it has to be or if it has to match the uniform,” Williams told ESPN.