Sherri Shepherd on legal battle with ex-husband: 'I've chosen to take the high road'

Actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd stars as the family matriarch in Woodlawn, a new faith-based film hitting theaters today.

In the movie based a true story, Shepherd appears alongside Caleb Castille, Sean Aston and Jon Voight as legendary running back Tony Nathan’s no-nonsense mother.

In Part 2 of her interview with theGrio, Shepherd talks about current guest-hosting gig on ABC’s The View and discusses the current line-up of hosts on the sometimes controversial panel talk show.

“People see that it’s not an easy thing… putting the personalities together at that table. Kudos to Barbra Walters and Bill Getty for the job that they did for seventeen years of putting people together to really make for something really really special,” Shepherd said. “I think with the cast of characters now, they just have to figure out how to gel together. It’s a little bit hard because now everything that they say is under such scrutiny. You have sponsors pulling out, organizations getting mad. Sometimes that makes it hard for you to really give your opinion because you get a little gun shy. But they really just need time to gel.”

Shepherd shot to notoriety as a popular co-host of The View for seven seasons. She became know for her candid and poignant commentary during the hot topics portion of the show.

These days, Shepherd has been a “real life hot topic” on several popular talk shows, after a very public divorce from Lamar Sally and a fight for financial responsibility over baby Lamar Sally Jr., born via surrogate last summer using Sally’s sperm and a donor egg.

Shepherd is taking the high road and remaining quiet regarding the nuances surrounding her legal battle with her ex but took a moment to send a heartfelt message to her supporters.

“I just want to say thank you for supporting me. I just appreciate people knowing that behind all of the tabloids, fodder and exclusives from people, there has to be another side to the story.

For me, and anyone who’s spiritual can understand this, in my prayer time, I heard a little soft voice that said, ‘You don’t have to say anything because I will defend you, so you just keep your mouth shut,’ and I have chosen to obey that.

I’ve chosen to take the high road. I don’t disparage anyone. I appreciate people that feel like there’s got to be more than what I’m reading off of tabloids. I just appreciate people standing by me, because at the end of the day, all you can stand on is your character and your integrity, and I hope that people who’ve known me throughout the years and the love that I have for my son, that things that people say about me don’t match up to who I am.”

Watch Part 1 of Sherri Shepherd’s interview with theGrio below:

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