Teen body slams high school principal during lunchroom brawl

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A fight at a California high school ended after three teens were arrested for the lunchroom brawl, but not before the principal got involved.

According to KCRA, Principal Don Ross of Florin High School in Sacramento saw a group of students gathered around the spectacle as several teenagers were fighting, and Ross jumped right into the fray to try to break it up. When he did, one of the students picked him up and flipped him over, body slamming the principal to the ground.

To his credit, the principal got right back up and proceeded to subdue the teen who flipped him. He tackled the teen, and a school resource officer nearby jumped in to finish breaking up the fight. The whole thing was captured on video.

“I see the principal get flipped,” Junior Dezhon Jackson told KCRA. “I just see a whole lot of ruckus … a lot of people were just crowding over getting on tables and yelling to fight, encouraging it.”

Since then, a note was issued to parents explaining that the fight stemmed from two separate issues. One was “relationship-oriented,” while the other began when one student hurled insults at another.

Although it was reported that three school officials sustained minor injuries related to their efforts to break up the fight, it was not immediately clear if one of the three was Ross.