Diddy provides hilarious play-by-play of his fall during BET Awards

It was an epic moment.

Diddy’s tumble during the BET Awards this summer captured everyone’s attention.

This week, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Diddy finally offered up a hilarious play-by-play of his fall – and it’s hilarious.

Meyers introduces the clip, noting the embarrassing nature of the footage. Diddy immediately responds, “You gonna do that to a brother?”

Yes, he was.

Once Meyers shows the clip, the camera returns to Diddy. The hip-hop mogul then takes his sunglasses off and breaks it all down.

“You know what I tell people all the time?” he starts. “I’m only human!”

Later, Diddy has the perfect explanation.

“So, what happened was … I’m performing in front of, like, 30 million people live on TV,” he says. “I pride myself on being one of the coolest guys in the world. I don’t make mistakes like this, okay? So, I walk over the trap door. Lil’ Kim is about to come up, I get a little excited. Kendrick Lamar is in the front, I’m competitive, I run up to him like ‘Kenrick, you see me. You see me rockin’. But I forget about the trap door behind me that was closed when I was getting out to the front. I turned around; it was open.”

Diddy’s next explanation? He’s a “superhero,” who goes by the name of “Black Man.”

“I’m falling through the hole, it feels like it’s three hours, [but it’s] only like 2.2 seconds.” Diddy continues. “My superpowers are going, I put my arms out to the side, I push myself up. I throw myself up in the air, I land on beat. I have this embarrassing look on my face, but I’m not facing the camera. And I say to myself, ‘You better get that look off your face.'”

And then Diddy closes with his classic recovery.

Only Diddy.