Ryan Ruckledge (Images via 'This Morning,' ITV / Instagram)

A British reality TV contestant was slammed with a barrage of outrage on Twitter Friday after he posted a short video of a Halloween costume including blackface.

Ryan Ruckledge, an X Factor competitor in 2015 and 2013, quickly received a negative reaction over the post, as followers began slamming him for the use of blackface.


“I take it non of u have been to magaluf and seen the chicken nugget man!!! this isn’t racist im a well known person,” he wrote in response to a user who asked, “What was the point of wearing blackface with this costume?”

The catchphrase “Hello chicken nugget,” is used by some men who hawk goods to tourists in the popular Spanish resort town of Magaluf and has been captured in many YouTube videos.

“BLACKFACE WILL NEVER BE FUNNY,” one user tweeted.

“B***h it doesn’t matter how well known you are blackface is racist, and you aren’t that well known bcuz who are u,” another user said.

Twenty minutes after the post, he tweeted once again, “no word of a lie ive had about 50 tweets in last 10 minutes saying im racist!!! This is NOT racist im ‘hello chicken nugget’ guy from maga.”

Ruckledge’s Twitter bio says, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”

He might want to take his own advice next time.