South Carolina dad's speech on police brutality goes viral

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During a Richmond County School District Two board meeting, just days after cell phone footage from a Spring Valley High School classroom showed a school resource officer assaulting a teenage girl, one parent’s speech addressing police brutality made a lasting impact.

The father, who is unidentified but says that he is the father of a student in the district, gave an impassioned, 3-minute speech that has since gone viral and has been viewed over 2 million times over various social media outlets, reports the NY Daily News.

“We are sick and tired of black women being abused,” the father said. “You can say it’s not racial all you want to. But this is going on all across this country every day.”

“You can say it’s not racism,” he continued. “You can say it’s the student. But that student, as I understand, comes from a foster family. She didn’t have a father like me who would have been out there that day to deal with that situation.”

“You do not touch nobody’s child!”

Across social media, people and celebrities alike have been sharing the speech, and it’s little wonder that it is resonating so strongly. This father speaks his mind, and he’s not afraid to mince words.

The impassioned speech came two days after an unidentified teen girl was tossed while seated in her desk by Deputy Ben Fields. Fields has since been fired by the sheriff’s office.