Florida men trash stranger's home for 'jail release' party

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A Florida man returned home from being out of town to find two strangers sleeping in his bed.

After exiting the house and calling 911, the Kit Thompson found out the two men and their friends trashed his home during a five day “jail release” party.

According to WFTS, Jaquel Fleming, 18, and Keilow Roundtree, 23, spent nearly a week in Thompson’s house to “party and smoke weed in celebration of Fleming’s recent release from jail.” While they were there, they caused around $4,000 worth of damage to Thompson’s house.

Doors had been knocked down, paint flung over the carpets and walls, and some of the walls had been punctured during the revelry.

“I am amazed on how much damage is done in this one room,” Thompson told WFTS. “I think there was definitely more than four or five people at a time here.”

Thompson said he still can’t even think about feeling comfortable in his own bed.

“I don’t even want to get in the bed. I would rather set it on fire than ever use it again,” he said.

Fleming had seven arrests on his record, and had just finished jail time after his most recent arrest for possession of marijuana.