'Project Runway' judge Tim Gunn calls Kanye West's fashion line 'dumb'

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Project Runway judge Tim Gunn doesn’t think much of Kanye West’s fashion line, or of the Kardashian family in general.

Asked by The Huffington Post about West’s foray into fashion, Gunn said, “I think they’re a bunch of dumb clothes. Just basic pieces.”

“When it comes to fashion, I say to people all the time, ‘If you want guidance for your fashion, just consider this, if a Kardashian is wearing it — don’t,'” he continued, adding that he doesn’t understand why the Kardashians have taken up such an important place in this business.

“I think it’s vulgar and I just think given the amount of public exposure that the Kardashians have to potentially be sending a message to people that ‘you too can dress like this’ — no.”