Black woman trolls Trump by reading book during rally

Clearly, not everyone is here for Trump’s antics.

At a Monday rally in Springfield, Ill., Donald Trump spoke in front of a crowd of supporters and one woman who clearly gave no care in the world that he was speaking.

Throughout the speech, we see the woman, later identified as Johari Idusuyi, doing everything from checking her phone, talking with nearby folks, and reading her book (which appears to be Claudia Rankine’s Citizen) in an attempt to not pay attention as Trump gives his speech.

One dubious Trump couple decided to step in and check Idusuyi for reading her book, tapping her and engaging in what we can only assume was some disrespectful jab about how rude she was for reading during the rally.

Not only does Idusuyi seem to drag the couple for interrupting her reading, she also does the most epic neck/eye roll before resuming her reading. It’s a sight that’s sure to have you laughing and rewatching over and over again.

Can someone give her an award ASAP!

Watch the full Trump speech below: (Fast Forward to the 24:30 mark)