‘Family Guy’ airs ‘Cosby Show’ parody amid sex assault allegations

Family Guy aired a controversial episode Sunday in which they took aim at Bill Cosby amid the growing sexual assault claims against the comedian.

The episode saw the Griffin family tune in to The Cosby Show, though the opening credits of the show were not what most of us remember.

“We now return to The Cosby Show, knowing what we know now,” the TV announcer said, followed by opening credits in which Cosby is seen dancing along with the theme music while his female costars are all introduced in chairs, clearly unconscious.

An animated Bea Arthur then stumbles into the show with no pants on, and Cosby is also later shown holding back the ears of former Domino’s mascot the Noid as he throws up. Even the NBC peacock is shown stumbling around with a drink in its hand.

Dozens of women have come forward, accusing the 78-year-old comedian of sexual assault. Cosby has not been found guilty of any crimes and maintains his innocence.

Grio fam, what do you think? Did Family Guy push the envelope too far?