Detroit teacher, 7th grade student brawl in classroom

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In a fight caught on camera, a Detroit teacher and a 7th grade student threw each other to the ground.

The student, Diamonique Singleton, said that the fight began at Mackenzie Elementary and Middle School when the teacher became agitated as students threw paper at her, reports Fox2Detroit.

Someone in the class then called the teacher the b-word, and, according to Singleton, the teacher thought that Singleton said it because she laughed.

“That’s when she got in front of me,” Singleton said. “Saying I’m a ‘b’ and she started calling me ‘b’ and I said ‘No I didn’t even say that.’ She was like, ‘OK b you got me f’d up.'”

When Singleton tried to walk away, the teacher blocked her and pushed her.

“I pushed her hand again then she pushed me,” she said. “I pushed her back and we started fighting.”

Singleton has since been suspended over the fight.

However, Shamika, Diamonique’s sister, says it was the teacher who crossed the line.

“She lost control of her classroom the situation herself everything she just lost control,” Shamika said. “There are better ways to handle everything especially when it comes to a child.”

A Detroit Public Schools spokesperson told Fox2Detroit they are conducting a thorough investigation into exactly what happened in the classroom.