Father and son from age-defying viral selfie appear on ‘Steve Harvey’

Billy and Correll Stanfield appeared on Steve Harvey, yesterday, after a selfie was posted on social media and racked up 2 million views and thousands of comments...

We all know that “Black don’t crack,” but this father/son is taking that idea a step further and pretty much defying the laws of physics.

Billy and Correll Stanfield appeared on Steve Harvey yesterday after a selfie was posted on social media and racked up 2 million views and thousands of comments, according to a news release from the show.

The 46-year-old father from Pennsylvania survived a troubled past of drug dealing and even faced five years of jail time before turning his life around. Now, he’s a pastor of a local church and runs a mentor program in Baltimore, MD, and ensures that his children follow a godly path and treat others respectfully.

Harvey, up to his usual goofy antics, teamed up with Billy and set out to find the perfect girl for Correll, but things got a little sticky when the 20-year-old suggested the talk show host’s daughter as his ideal date.

While Harvey’s daughter was out of the question, Correll was able to decide between two pre-determined women before choosing one and going on a date with her.

Check out the funny confrontation and let us know what you think.