Woman arrested after fatal fight over shoes

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An 18-year-old Florida woman was arrested on Monday after she got into a fight with another woman over some borrowed shoes, and the fight proved fatal.

According to NBC Miami, Cortez Fields, of Pompano Beach, arrived at the home of Nicole Hewitt on Saturday to retrieve a pair of shoes that she had allowed Hewitt to borrow. Hewitt met Fields in the stairwell and pointed a finger in Fields’ face, yelling at her and telling her to leave.

Fields then became angry and hit Hewitt, who fell backwards into the concrete stairs and hit her head. Fields said that Hewitt then got back up and grabbed her by the neck, at which point Fields pushed her down and held her against the stairwell. Fields then punched Hewitt again in the face, and Hewitt’s face began to swell and form bumps. Fields said she then ran away and that Hewitt chased her before she got away.

The next morning, Hewitt’s uncle visited her and saw that her face was swelling, but she refused medical treatment. Later that evening, her uncle found her lying in bed and called for help, but she died at the hospital that night.

Fields is now facing charges of aggravated battery, burglary, and grand theft.