Video shows white man punching elderly black man in ‘knockout game’

Conrad Barrett, the “Knockout Guy” wanted to know if he could be nationally televised if he hit an elderly black man. So he punched out 79-year-old Roy Coleman, fracturing his jaw in two places.

Barrett has been sentenced to almost six years in federal prison for the unprovoked hate crime, and in the meantime, the U.S. Department of Justice has publicly released the cell phone video footage recorded by Barrett as he prepared to punch Coleman.

“I have to step up the courage,” Barrett says in the moments leading up to the punch during the video. “For about a week now, I have been unable to go through with the plan.”

“The plan is to see if I hit an elderly black person, would this be televised nationally?”

Barrett then gets out of his car, approaches Coleman, and punches him. As Coleman falls to the ground, Barrett runs away, laughing and shouting, “Knockout!”

Barrett was arrested only hours later because he showed the video to an off-duty police officer. In June, he pleaded guilty to the assault.

Other videos that Barrett had recorded on his phone featured him saying the n-word as well as claiming that black people “haven’t fully experienced the blessing of evolution.”