Jarvis Johnson will undoubtedly be the first customer to enter a Phoenix-area Best Buy for Black Friday shopping deals this year.

Johnson’s been camping out in front of the store all week and has a makeshift tent apartment equipped with a microwave, TV and bed near the store’s entrance.

“They got great deals on Black Friday and I want to be No. 1 in line,” Johnson told Fox 10 Phoenix’s Marcy Jones

Judging by Johnson’s set-up, he won’t have to worry about that.

The only thing Johnson doesn’t have in his tent home? Wi-fi.

“I’m trying to get some out here,” Johnson laughs.

To top everything off, Johnson also delivered a freestyle ode to his shopping skills:

“I hope you like the price ‘cuz they’re very very nice,” Johnson raps. “I’m doing what I do, I’m trying to get a TV just for you.”

We’re all waiting, Jarvis.