White Fox News host asks black female colleague, ‘Do you make Kool-Aid?’

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade just couldn't help himself. He found a way to insult Harris Faulkner - a fellow Fox host - in the most Fox News way possible...

That was awkward. And awful.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade just couldn’t help himself. He found a way to insult Harris Faulkner — a fellow Fox host — in the most Fox News way possible.

“Do you make Kool-Aid?” Kilmeade asked.

“Uhh…Do I do what?” Faulkner responded, clearly caught off guard.

“Do you make Kool-Aid?” Kilmeade repeated.

“No…I don’t make Kool-Aid,” Faulkner replied.

Kilmeade, who is white, felt it was appropriate to randomly ask Faulkner, who is black, if she made Kool-Aid. Faulkner appeared on the program Fox and Friends along with her daughter to reveal her personal recipe for peach cobbler.

It was a harmless holiday segment that went left pretty quickly. Faulkner is one of several hosts on the show Outnumbered. Kilmeade frequently appears on the show as well.

Again — Faulkner is a colleague of Kilmeade.

Kilmeade later revealed in the segment that he asked the question because Kool-Aid “reminds him of summer.”

Faulkner remained professional and countered with “But I made an adult beverage for us.”

And the segment thankfully yet painfully came to an end.

Just another day on Fox News…