Indianapolis woman’s cars explode twice in 3 months, suspects ex-tenant planted bombs

It was the second time Elaine Haliburton had seen her car blow up.

It was the second time Elaine Haliburton had seen her car blow up.

According to WTHR, the Indianapolis woman heard an explosion Sunday so loud that she thought someone’s entire house had been bombed nearby. Instead, she looked out to see the smoking remains of her own vehicle.

“When it exploded, it knocked pictures off the wall, it had all the neighbors awake, even to shake the house, it was just a huge explosion,” she told WTHR. “Just kaboom.”

The front end of the car sustained heavy damages that, Haliburton said, would cost her about $10,000, reports the NY Daily News. The worst part? The car wasn’t hers; she had been borrowing it from a woman at church after her car had been blown up in a similar attack.

The first bombing attack completely destroyed her car as it was sitting in the driveway, and her driveway still has a black mark from the explosion.

Haliburton believes that the attacks were coordinated by the former tenants of the house she is living in, and she has suggested that they might be looking for drugs or something else they left behind.

“I think they want me out,” she said. “I think they want to get whatever they left in here.”

Haliburton is trying to get out of the house as soon as possible, before another attack.

“The car is replaceable, but our lives are not,” she said, reports WTHR.