December is here! Tis the season to drag, apparently.

On a recent segment of  TV One’s News One Now, host Roland Martin clashed with former pastor Dr. Steve Parson of Richmond Christian Center over the latter’s Monday meeting with Donald Trump.

Dr. Parson, along with over 100 other black clergy members, met with the GOP presidential candidate to discuss policy, sparking controversy as other prominent members of the black community criticized the gathering.

When asked about what Trump discussed as it relates to education, jobs, housing, and social activism/change, Dr. Parson’s vague and painfully obvious evasive “answers” incited Martin to spew fact after fact, tearing into the pastor’s logic for attending the event.

“I haven’t heard jack that something of substance that somebody can say ‘oh I can latch on to that’ and not that I am hearing that is policy oriented,” shared Martin before asking Dr. Parson if any of the details discussed would wind up as written material to be presented to the masses.

To which Dr. Parsons responded, “No he didn’t say that but he said it in spirit.”

Well Martin clearly wasn’t pleased with the sparse specifics about what was discussed with Trump, causing him to later declare, “Y’all have an open invitation to come on this show to talk about what was said in that meeting, but also to talk about what you’re going to say in the next meeting.”

“If you are going to get media attention and talk about the hype of being a black pastor and meeting with a Republican presidential candidate — that’s fine — but if you’re going to go into the room, at least walk in with a sheet of paper with something on it that represents your community,” said Martin.

Well bloop to that!

Was Martin being a bully, or did he actually have good points?

WATCH: Roland Martin Clashes With Black Pastor Over Lack Of Sp…

WATCH: Roland Martin Clashes With Black Pastor Over Lack Of Specifics & Policy In Meeting With Donald Trump

Posted by Roland Martin on Tuesday, December 1, 2015