iPhone’s Siri defines ‘bitch’ as ‘black slang’ for woman

iPhone's Siri defines 'bitch' as 'black slang' for woman

Using Apple’s Siri feature, Huffington Post’s Taryn Finley found that if you look up the word “bitch,” the definition will be nothing short of offensive and racially biased.

The second definition it provides is already sexist, reading: “(informal, derogatory) a spiteful or unpleasant woman.” The first sub-meaning underneath that definition reads: “(black slang) a woman.” Wait, what?

Since when was the word primarily used by the black community to describe women?

Apple has yet to respond to comment request, but software entrepreneur Elliot Turner wrote on Quora that Siri functions by “using data mashup technologies to interface with third-party web services… to perform actions, search operations, and question answering.”

Welp, looks like Siri doesn’t have any type of chill either. Get it together!