5-month-old baby receives hearing aids for the first time

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How would you react if you were able to hear for the first time?

Well, whatever you’re thinking it would be – it’s probably similar to how 5-month-old Corlena Cloyd reacted when she received hearing aids for the very first time.

After Corlena was born full-term, her parents Cori and Kalonda were surprised when the doctors said that she failed her online hearing test.

By the time Corlena was 2 months old, she had failed another hearing test. Her hearing loss was permanent, the parents realized.

But the Cloyd’s received plenty of help from The Moog Center for the Deaf, according to KTVI. A few months later, Corlena was able to hear with the help of new hearing aids.

“We thought receiving her hearing aids she will be a little bit quieter,” Corlena’s family says on the video. “She said you all thought wrong.”

You can hear the Cloyds laughing as Corlena, hearing the world for the first time, screams and squeals with delight and surprise.

“She was so happy and the joy on my baby’s face when she realized she can actually hear, was priceless,” the family said on Facebook as they posted the happy video of this amazing moment in Corlena’s life.

Thankful this morning for life, family and this bundle of joy. She received her hearing aids for the first time yesterday and the joy on her face! With Cori Cloyd

Posted by Kalonda Cloyd on Tuesday, December 8, 2015