High school bathroom brawl started over Air Jordans

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Four Georgia high school students have been suspended, and one has been charged with a felony, following a violent bathroom brawl that apparently started over a pair of sneakers.

The violent fight was captured on camera at Griffin High School, and one student had his Air Jordans taken right off of his feet, CBS46 reports. That student’s mother, Shawanda Lockheart, wants to see the other boy, Martinus Carr, face charges.

According to officials, the fight began when a pair of sneakers was taken from Carr’s home in a residential robbery. Carr saw that Lockheart’s son was wearing shoes similar to the ones that had been stolen from him and tried to reclaim them.

“They take my sons’s shoes off because they think this pair of shoes belongs to them,” Lockheart told CBS46.

But Lockheart said that the shoes were her son’s, not Carr’s.

“They were not stolen,” Lockheart said. “They belonged to my son.”

“We have the right paperwork to present to show that those belong to him,” Lockheart said. When she presented the paperwork to the authorities, it was enough to convince them that her son had not stolen anything from Carr, and they are now calling the incident a robbery, with Carr facing robbery charges for trying to take the shoes from her son’s feet.

“I do know my son was robbed and he was beaten, so there has to be something done about it,” Lockheart said.