A 14-year-old girl who is battling with leukemia was brought to tears by the horrific bullying by two of her classmates on Instagram.

Nicole Pfister has been diagnosed with a “high risk” form of the disease, but that didn’t seem to matter to her ex-boyfriend, a football player, and his new girlfriend, a cheerleader.

The cheerleader posted an image of Pfister along with the disgusting joke: “‘Knock, knock’, ‘who’s there’, ‘Not your white blood cells, that’s for sure” along with the hashtag #cancer.

Pfister’s ex posted the same picture and called Pfister “embarassing,” telling her to “kill yourself.” He also asked “[What] are you even doing alive?”

Pfister said that the bullying had been going on for some time, though it had previously been verbal, and only recently had it gone public on Instagram.

Nicole’s mother, Claire, took the bullying problem to officials atĀ United High School, who immediately took action to stop it.

“We took the information and this morning I talked to the administrator at the ninth grade. We are dealing with students and the appropriate measures will be taken to stop the nonsense,” Albert Aleman, the principal, told ABC News.

Both students have since been arrested for harassment and are now being bullied as well, even receiving death threats.

But Pfister gave a powerful statement saying that there was no reason to take such action against the other teenagers. “I just feel like no one should be going after them,” she said. “It was a simple mistake. And everybody makes mistakes, and everybody deserves a second chance.”

After the horrific bullying incident, Pfister’s social media feeds have been flooded with messages of support and love, including a message fromĀ NFL defensive tackle Devon Still, who has promised to take her whole family to Disneyworld.