DENVER (AP) — A man imprisoned for 28 years for a rape he denies committing says being released from custody is the “moment of my life.”

Clarence Moses-EL walked out of Denver jail on Tuesday arm-and-arm with his wife. Supporters and family members cheered him as he stepped outside. He had just hugged three of his 12 grandchildren whom he had met for the first time.

Moses-El told reporters he was at a loss for words. “I just want to get home with my family,” he said.

A judge last week overturned Moses-EL’s 1988 rape conviction.

Moses-EL was convicted based on testimony from the victim, who said his face came to her in a dream. Another prisoner, whom the woman initially identified as her rapist, wrote to Moses-EL in 2013 and confessed to having sex with the victim.


Prosecutors haven’t decided whether to charge Moses-EL again.

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