Black Twitter slams Hillary Clinton for Kwanzaa exploitation

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In our latest episode of “Election Recklessness,” Hillary Clinton continued her push of racial pandering, proving all the marbles really aren’t there in her team’s vision.

This past Saturday marked the beginning of Kwanzaa, and with that, Hillary Clinton’s Twitter avatar was changed to look like a kinara, along with a special message posted soon after. But following immediate backlash, her team swiftly took the post down.

But the damage had already been done, and #NewHillaryLogo quickly gained traction, providing us with some great holiday comedy.

Early last week, the Clinton campaign disrespected the Latino community when they released a listicle depicting 7 ways the presidential candidate is like an abuela (grandmother). Twitter dragged the campaign for filth with #Notmyabuela trending, nationwide.

One would think that Clinton’s team would have caught wind of their problematic tendencies after this, but it seems the lesson has not been learned.

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