Twitter reacts to Don Lemon getting drunk during CNN's NYE broadcast

During the live airing of the New Year’s Eve ball drop, Don Lemon’s behavior led many viewers to speculate that perhaps he had one drink too many in ringing in the new year.

During one moment, comedian Kathy Griffin had taken off her coat to reveal a purple bra during the celebrations. Lemon said to her, “I have to say Kathy… I have to say… nice rack.I didn’t know you had all of that.”

Lemon’s co-host, Brooke Baldwin, then tried to take his microphone away, and Griffin tried to smooth the strange moment over by thanking him, but the whole thing left a sour taste in the mouths of many viewers, who noted that Lemon had apparently been seen with several different glasses all night.

Lemon was also coaxed into a hot tub and apparently indulged in plenty of Cajun cuisine, judging by the tweet he sent out during the broadcast, which read, “I ate a ton of crawfish. 6 pack over.”

This behavior left Lemon wide open for Twitter roasting, and when he woke up on New Year’s Day, he was greeted by all kinds of hangover jokes and questions about just how drunk he had been during the last moments of 2015.

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