Fox News: Oregon militia are not 'thugs' like black protesters

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On Monday, Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said that the white militia in Oregon that has taken over a government building are not terrorists, because they were forced into their actions by a government “gone wild.”

Borelli’s comments came after Fox News host Martha MacCallum noted that many had criticized the media for the difference in coverage of the Oregon militia and Black Lives Matter protesters, who have been called dangerous and “thugs” for their protests.

“Nothing like the left-wing media using an opportunity to really cloud the instance that’s gone on in Oregon,” Borelli said. “What people need to understand, what’s going on in Oregon, it is really an overgrowth of government, government gone wild is outreach of government.”

“You have these individuals who are trying to save their property, save their ranch because the overrun of government is not doing that,” she continued. “Government owns a substantial amount of property in the West. And these individuals were trying to save their property.”

When MacCallum pointed out that it was unfair to refer to Black Lives Matter protesters as “thugs” while calling the Oregon militia members “activists,” Borelli responded,

“What happened in [Ferguson, Missouri] is really outrageous because you had individuals who were very destructive, they destroyed property, they destroyed their community. We’re looking at Oregon. Right now, these individuals are being peaceful, they are outraged about the overgrowth of government. It’s government gone wild.”

“We don’t want to see this happen across the country,” she added. “But this is an example of something that can happen because of the overgrowth of government. And Americans are tired of government intrusion in their everyday lives. And so, these individuals, right now, are peaceful, they want to rein in government gone wild.”

“It’s really outrageous how government is creeping into our everyday lives no matter what it is you’re doing. And people just want to be left alone.”

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