Janet Jackson to undergo surgery amidst reports of cancer scare

Janet Jackson revealed Christmas Eve that she has to undergo emergency surgery. Today reports have surfaced that doctors found a growth on Jackson's vocal chords...

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Christmas Eve, Janet Jackson announced that she’s postponing her Unbreakable world tour to undergo emergency surgery.

“Hey you guys…Happy Holidays to each and every one of you! I need you to know, I learned today, from my doctors that I must have surgery soon,” Jackson said on Instagram.

“It breaks my heart to tell you that I am forced to postpone the Unbreakable Tour until the spring,” she continued. “Please pray for me, my family and our entire company during this difficult time…There will be no further comment.”


Today, the National Enquirer and RadarOnline are reporting that doctors found a growth on Jackson’s vocal chords “that could be cancerous.”

“Doctors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cords that could be serious,” a source close to the 49-year-old superstar told The Enquirer. “It’s a medical condition that has to be taken care of immediately.”

Dr. Stuart Fischer told RadarOnline that significant damage to Jackson’s larynx would abruptly end her ability to ever perform again.

“God forbid that this should be cancer of the larynx,” Dr. Fischer said.

“Cancer of the larynx requires immediate surgery C— and a patient often needs an electrolarynx, or artificial voice box, just to be able to speak. Singing would be impossible.”