Oregon Militia leader Ammon Bundy's Twitter account is fake

The Ammon Bundy Twitter account is apparently a hoax.

The Ammon Bundy Twitter account is apparently a hoax.

An account that appears to be the Oregon militia leader used the social platform to compare the actions of the group of armed militia men, who recently took over a government building, to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

“We are doing the same thing as Rosa Parks did. We are standing up against bad laws which dehumanize us and destroy our freedom,” the controversial tweet read.

In a text message to the Daily News, Bundy’s brother, Ryan Bundy said: “Ammon does not have a Twitter account, so, yes, someone is masquerading as him.”

Bundy and his group, armed with guns and stocked with food and supplies, took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and say they will not leave until the federal government begins plans to turn the land over to the locals. The group has said that they are prepared for a possible raid by federal agents and on Tuesday moved a snow plow to block the driveway of the building they have taken over.

In the meantime, the FBI has insisted that authorities are “still working on a peaceful resolution.”

The fake account was briefly suspended by Twitter Tuesday but has since been reinstated.