Teacher fired after mocking student with learning disability on Facebook

A Georgia teacher has been fired after making derogatory statements on her Facebook page about a student who allegedly has a learning disability.

The teacher, Jennifer Lynch, resigned on Monday after meeting with the human resources department for Fulton County Schools.

The posts were made on the last day before the holiday break, on December 18, about an unnamed student who stayed late after school to finish a test.

“Thanks a lot, kid, for finally coming to finish your effin’ final more than THREE HOURS after school let out,” she said.

She called him names, then wrote, “He has some (expletive) disorder: one of those ‘we don’t know what his disorder is and we don’t want him to be labeled, so we are not going to find out, but we want academic accommodations anyway’ disorders.”

She explained that the reason he was so late was that “he gets an extra hour for each final, and complains he decided to finish all six on Friday afternoon.”

When the saga ended, she wrote, “Holy (expletive), he’s finally gone. I get to go home now. Only 5.5 hours after school let out.” She then added, “On the way out, he says I’ll be the last student to walk through the doors of JCHS in 2015.”

She said that was “not funny, but tragic.”

“I want to be sad for you, but at the end of the day, we’re all better off now that you’re not around.”

After the appalling Facebook fiasco, Fulton County Schools sent out the following statement:

“We are appalled at the social media posts and the disrespect shown to a student. Ms. Lynch met with our Human Resources Division yesterday (the first day back for teachers) where she was notified that this behavior did not meet the standard of professionalism expected of all Fulton County teachers. She decided to resign her position and is no longer employed by Fulton County Schools. FCS does not monitor the personal social media of our staff but employees are accountable for the use of good judgement.”