Ciara vocally slayed during her performance of the national anthem at the College Football Playoffs championship game last night, but it’s her dress that has lots of people talking.

The long, flowing white dress had a cutout triangle at her chest made of semi-transparent material, and this was enough to cause a stir on Twitter, as many folks called the outfit ‘inappropriate.’

“Dear Ciara. You’re stunning. But this is a National Championship Game. Kids are watching. Cover up,” tweeted Bonnie Bernstein, who worked at ESPN for many years.

“Appropriate, fair tweet. The dress was inappropriate. Her voice was more than enough. Why distract w/nudity?” tweeted Jason Whitlock, who also used to work at ESPN. “I’m 100 percent serious. I’m not a prude. Love nudity. Not at national champ game. Inappropriate.”

Ciara’s fan were fast and furious with their defense of the singer, saying dress was completely appropriate for the event.


Ciara responded to the faux-controversy in the classiest way possible: