Brandy vows to be single, swears off marriage: 'I don't want to go down that road'

Singer/actress Brandy Norwood is declaring that she vows to stay single.

On Thursday’s episode of The Real, guest co-host Brandy exclusively shares with the ladies her plans to never marry again and chats about her new hit BET series Zoe Ever After.

Brandy pretty much shocks her fellow co-host speechless when she reveals that she never wants to get married.

“I’m so satisfied being…being by myself. I love it. I’ve never taken this much time on myself,” Brandy said. “I don’t date. I haven’t been on a date in like a year.”

Adrienne Balion then asks why she doesn’t date.

“I just like me right now,” Brandy responds. “I just like the way it feels being by myself and taking care of my daughter and just doing my thing. I’m all about my career right now.”

Bailon then follows up asking Brandy if she ever sees marriage in her future, to which Brandy responds, “I don’t. I don’t want to go down that road… I know I don’t want to.”

Loni Love enthusiastically echoes Brandy’s sentiments on marriage.

“Thank you, Brandy. I’ve been trying to tell these heifers right here about this and they don’t believe me,” Love says.”They want to push. And you know what, what she’s saying, it might happen for you. But for right now, you doing you and we have to respect that and that’s all we ask…. That people respect…people want to be themselves.”

“I like self-love a little bit better right now,” Brandy says.

Be sure to catch Brady’s appearance on The Real Thursday. Check you local listings for air times.