Lil Mama recalls being brought to tears on 'Breakfast Club,' addresses crying memes

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Lil Mama still remembers that 2011 “Breakfast Club” interview in which Charlamagne brought her to tears, and yes, she’s aware of all the memes that people have made out of the incredibly emotional moment for her.

But on Tuesday, she bravely walked back into the controversial radio program to address all the teasing she’s had because of that moment and to explain why it was she burst into tears in the first place.

“On a serious note, the reason why I got emotional is because I was talking about my mother,” said Lil Mama. “And at the time I hadn’t really come out about how I felt about it. I went through a phase where in that moment when I came to talk to ya’ll, that was the first time I ever sat down with a group of people and discussed it.”

She also addressed the memes that came out of the moment and the way they made light of her honest emotions, but she said that she hadn’t let it bother her.

“When I posted mines, it was one of those things where I was able to relate to the comedy around it,” she said. “I wasn’t even looking at it like ‘Oh, it’s sad that I lost my mom and I was crying. There’s a meme.’ I wasn’t that deep into it at that moment.”