According to documents released on Friday, the last words of a 17-year-old carjacking suspect who was shot dead by Chicago police in 2013 were, “I give up. I’m shot.”

The documents were released one day after video of the incident was released.

Officer Lou Toth, who had been pursuing Cedrick Chatman before another officer shot him, described Chatman’s last words to investigators at the scene.

The events leading to Chatman’s death began when a man who ran a business selling iPhones and then later claiming they were lost or stolen called police to say he had been robbed, beaten and carjacked. He reported that the suspects beat him “with their fists” and noted that they did not seem to have any weapons on them.

A description of the man’s car was radioed in, and an officer responded that he was in pursuit before, seconds later, reporting shots fired by police.

In video of the shooting, Chatman can be seen running from the car with Toth right behind him while Officer Kevin Fry aims his gun from a crosswalk. Less than 10 seconds pass from the time Chatman gets out of his car until the time he is shot.

Fry has continued to maintain that Chatman was turning toward him with a dark object in his hands, which was later identified as an iPhone box. The video does not clearly establish whether or not this is true.