K. Michelle blasts NFL players for dissing dark-skinned girls on Instagram

K. Michelle wasn’t about to stand around and let some football players diss dark-skinned women, so she fired back at two players who made inappropriate comments online by accusing them of having “short d**k syndrome.”

The fiasco started when Tony Jefferson and Brennan Clay were talking on Instagram. Clay posted a picture of sexy women to his Instagram with the caption, “This Could Be Us.”

Jefferson then broke in with, “Ay pony you want that dark a** one in the middle too?”

“Haha the dark bish can go,” replied Clay.

K. Michelle wasn’t having any of that.

She posted a screen grab of the conversation on Instagram and let them have it. “See normally I don’t say anything but if you have a platform you speak up,” she said. “These two African American clown a** football players play for the @azcardinals. Their comments towards the dark skin woman in this post was just disgusting.”


“I did research and you 2 little hobbits have a long way to go before you have the right to crack jokes on anybody due to the color of their skin,” she went on. “You both seem to show symptoms and signs of the short d**k syndrome. If you didn’t play football believe me NO ONE would be checking for you.”