Meek Mill, 50 Cent
Meek Mill (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2015), 50 Cent (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Starz)

Because apparently Meek Mill doesn’t have enough problems with Drake, he can now add 50 Cent to his beef list.

50 already has other feuds with Rick Ross and ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox.

Meek surprised fans Saturday when he dropped a 4-song EP, and the Philly native took the opportunity to diss 50 Cent on the new track “Gave Em Hope.” Meek raps on the new track:

I got fifty reasons say you’re taking d**k / And it’s fifty reasons I should kill, ni**a / But for real ni**a, I be taking trips with my Philly ni**as / Got the richest chick, she’s from your hood / Ni**as hatin’ on me, I ain’t really trippin’ / Shit, I’m good

50 Cent responded by posting multiple photos and memes to Instagram, taking shots at Meek.

See you have to be careful what you ask for Shit Head.💩💩💩💩💩 #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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Fellow G-Unit member Tony Yayo also took to social media to go at Meek and the MMG squad.

Yayo tweeted, “Your boss Police f**k MMG,” referring to Rick Ross’ former job as a corrections officer in Florida.

Meek promptly clapped back at G-Unit leader, posting a photo of himself carrying stacks of cash.

U pop shit on social media 24/7 … U never in the places everybody b at…. The whole queens say you a rat…. Ross baby mom hit you for that check you sick …. Ross finished you "career over? How dare you speak on that? …. All you artist that came under you broke" ya son hate you smfh! Ya swag on below "0" lol hold up….. U always hating on puff and Hov other go getters from ya city…… U going broke and you miserable …. U really miserable bro…. You like 40 on the internet all day 😭😭😭😭 Mayweather ain't got tickets for you nomore …. Ya liquor is piss… U really miserable and don't really have friends … You scared to play the mixes everybody b at! U never played with me in person because u know how we rocking lol I'm done wit you … This my last insta-fingers post for a min lol Norm Kelly hold up…… Young black dude that came from nothing vs old white racist man from Toronto…. I got more money than you already? You took the real "L" in life champ! Oh fif all y'all dudes do is talk about Nicki … This just my real life my fault for snapping on y'all weirdos! Hov gave you a half of bar bro ski… I bet any amount of money queens would trade me for you! "You the one made it cool to b a hater" I'm out Sincerely -instafingers @iamdiddy @ceoslow stop letting this dork play around … He already been shot 9 times lol he like a vegetable or something …. @irvgotti187 can you clarify that he told on y'all? We need answers!

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Say less…. Just watch these characters!

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