It turns out J. Cole is actually married.

The secret came out when Creed director Ryan Coogler was interviewing Cole during #MLKNOW, a live stream event. Coogler asked Cole, “How did getting married change you, bro?”

Cole seemed surprised by the question and a bit flustered, asking, “Oh, what is that?”

Coogler seemed to realize his mistake and tried to recover, saying, “I told you I’ve never interviewed somebody before.”

“That was like one thing to not do,” Cole said, a surprisingly good sport about the whole thing. “But it’s all good.”

When Coogler asked, “Nobody knows?” Cole responded, “They know now.”

Cole reportedly proposed to his longtime girlfriend Melissa Heholt last year. According to E! News, the pair dated through college and have been together 10 years.

Congratulations to the couple!