Snoop Dogg joins Jada Pinkett-Smith's Academy Awards boycott: 'Fu** the Oscars and Grammys'

Snoop Dogg is letting loose on some on some pent-up frustrations he has against the Oscars and the Grammy Awards.

Snoop recently published a video co-signing Jada Pinkett-Smith’s call to boycott this year’s Academy Awards due to a lack of diversity among nominees.

“I watched my sister Jada Pinkett-Smith speak on the Academy Awards and how they don’t really fu** with black folks, but they use us for how they use us,” Snoop said. “I feel the same way in the music industry with the Grammys. Being nominated for 17 Grammys and never winning one, so I feel what she’s saying as a far as great performances never being acknowledged. But, who gives a fu**? Fu** the Grammys. Fu** the Oscars. Fu** all that slavery-type award shows.”

He also called out white America for cultural appropriation.

“They steal all out culture, they still all our slang, all our everything,” he said. “Then we can’t get no acknowledgement for what we do as far as being the originators and creators in this entertainment world.”

Snoop says he might plan to watch the Oscars and the Grammys this year from home but is so inspired by Pinkett-Smith’s boycott that he has no plans to attend in the foreseeable future.

“I love you [Jada] and appreciate what you said, but I’m gonna say it for you the way you really should have said it. Fu** the Oscars, fu** the Grammys, and fu** any of you motherfu**ers who nominate or don’t nominate. You old motherfu**ers need to sh*t or get off of the pot.”