Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at #OscarsSoWhite, changes film titles for more 'flavor'

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Jimmy Kimmel has figured out how to solve the #OscarsSoWhite controversy: Change the nominated film titles and CGI black people in them.

The talk show host invited “Stewart Bloom” from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for some assistance.

“Bloom,” played by actor Tom Virtue, showed movie posters from Oscar-nominated films this year such as Room, The Revenant and Steve Jobs.

(Disclaimer: Bloom is not a real person and doesn’t actually work for The Academy…)

Then Bloom revealed these titles could be changed to have more “flavor” added. Room became Crib, starring Queen Latifah and Kevin Hart. Steve Jobs became Steve Harvey, starring – you guessed it – Steve Harvey.

Finally, The Revenant became The Revenant Al Sharpton.

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to solve the nation’s problems. (Extreme side-eye…)