Damon Dash calls out cousin Stacey Dash for 'cooning'

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Recently, Stacey Dash made waves when she criticized BET for supposedly promoting segregation during a segment on Fox News discussing the #OscarsSoWhite. As soon as her comments were out, she received heavy backlash, notably from Bun B, who called her “the biggest coon in the room.”

Now, Dame Dash is speaking out about his cousin’s antics in a discussion with Dr. Boyce Watkins.

“It really isn’t the best thing to hear ‘Dash’ associated with cooning,” he said, “but it is what it is. That’s my life.”

He went on to say that his cousin was likely paid to appear on the Fox show and that her words were not presented the same way that she probably meant them.

“I think she was saying, you can’t be, ‘Yo BET we have our own Black stuff that we don’t invite White people to and then get mad when White people don’t invite us to their stuff.’ That’s how I looked at it. But then I was just like, ‘She didn’t have to say it like that or there or get paid to say it.’ I would have way preferred her, if she has that opinion, to say it on BET or have a conversation with someone Black when she was saying that and let someone Black have a conversation back with her as opposed to some White man nodding his head.”