Recently, Stacey Dash stepped into it when she suggested that Black Entertainment Television (BET) was a segregated studio and that complaining about #OscarsSoWhite ignored the fact that, in her opinion, people of color were already segregating themselves with black-only spaces.

While BET shot back at the Clueless actress with a picture of her on The Game and jokingly asked for their money back from her appearances on their network, Roland Martin took it a step further on Thursday morning during a segment on NewsOneNow.

Martin started out by pointing to the fact that white people did, in fact, participate in the network and had even won awards during the BET Awards, so the theory that the station is segregated doesn’t hold much water. He then held up magazines with heavily black readership that featured Dash in a slideshow and called her out for hypocrisy.

“If you go on Fox News and you dare to open your mouth to criticize things that are black-specific, you might want to check your own history and your past, Stacey. Because guess what? I know how to use Google, I know how to call you out, because see I’m not a fake, fraudulent commentator on television, see? I don’t act. This is real. I went to school for this. You didn’t,” he said.

“So the next time you embarrass yourself, and you lie, please pull your phone out, pull your iPad, and say ‘Let me at least call a brother like Roland, who might tell me before I go on, don’t make a ass outta yourself, lookin’ like a damn fool.’”